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While the Kama Sutra offers a galaxy of sensual pleasure, its celebrated content demostrating how sexuality is the real means to spiritual bliss, A Calmer Sutra offers a simpler, dare we say it, softer approach for those of us "in the afternoon" of our lives.

Not that there's anything wrong with "love in the afternoon", of course. It's just that, well, sometimes allowances have to be made. There's no point whispering seductively in your partner's ear if she hasn't got her hearing aid turned on. And sometimes it's his Zimmer frame that's pleased to see you. But there's still plenty of pleasure to be had, as this ribald collection of cartoons amply demonstrates.

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The original Kama Sutra contains 64 sexual positions. A Calmer Sutra doesn't offer quite that, but it does have delightful illustrations by much loved cartoonist Frank Dickens.

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