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My lastest books are:

"Calmer Sutra" published in 5th of September, 2002.
'The Big Big Big Bristow Book" published in 4th of October, 2001.

Others work includes:

4 radio series of the strip for the B.B.C starring Michael Williams, Rodney Bewes and Dora Bryan.

'Albert Herbert Hawkins, the Naughtiest Boy in the World' another strip cartoon ( also syndicated) has been running for twenty years.

Eight awards for 'Cartoonist of the Year'

Twelve childrens books published:
'Fly away Peter' (with Ralph Steadman)
'Albert Herbert Hawkins and the Queen's Birthday'
'Albert Herbert Hawkins and the Space Rocket'
'Albert Herbert Hawkins and the Olympics'
'Albert Herbert Hawkins, the Naughtiest Boy in the World'.
5 compilation books of 'Albert Herbert Hawkins.'
'Teddy Pig'
'The Great Boffo.' (Bicycle racing)
'Boffo and the Great Motor Cycle Race.
'Boffo and the Great Air Race'.
'Boffo and the Great Balloon Race'.
'Boffo and the Great Cross Country Race'
'Il Violino D'oro' (RAOL DUFY)
' How to ride a bicyle' (A book of instruction)

I have also published 2 thrillers connected with bicycle racing:
'A Curl Up and Die day'
'Three cheers for the good guys'
and another couple of novels' Death of a teddy bear' and 'The duck billed Messiah' are awaiting publication. Also "Act of Treason," an Elizabethan drama (Chapter 1 can be read in this web site).

I have written for the stage, "MOLLY by MULLIGAN" "BRISTOW" and a T.V. thriller "The Third Thief" (Drugs in Bicycle Racing)

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