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A buying clerk (18th in line for Chief Buyer!) with the monolithic Chester-Perry organisation. Bristow is unmarried, of uncertain age, and an ineffectual rebel. Although he dislikes his job intensely he would fight to keep it. Hoping the world is listening, he gives his opinions on life to anyone around, and if no one is around, is quite happy talking to himself. As far as work goes he is an inveterate slacker who professes to hate red tape, but is only too keen to use it whenever it suits him. He lives in a bed sit in East Winchley from where he travels to work on the 8:15 commuter special.

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Bristow's fellow worker, insists that HE, and HE alone, is 18th in line for Chief Buyer. Generally tries to keep the peace, although occasionally flares up. Jones is married (her photograph faces the wall!) and also lives in the commuter belt.

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Copyright © Frank Dickens 1.962-2.024

is younger, mid-twenties and ambitious. He is eager for a break and keen to shake up the system. He really wants to get on.

Single, with an eye for the girls.

is the Establishment. The Chief Buyer who rules with an iron hand. A man of few words ("GET ON WITH YOUR WORK!") We know nothing and need to know nothing about this man. He is THE BOSS!

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Copyright © Frank Dickens 1.962-2.024

of the typing pool dotes on Bristow. Romance occupies her every waking moment. Alas! poor Miss Sunman!.

is the company's Barrack Room Lawyer. He talks a lot, appears to be knowledgeable, revels in legal jargon, but in fact knows nothing.

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Copyright © Frank Dickens 1.962-2.024

Gladys Purdy (Aquarius - the water carrier) has been with Chester Perry eight and two thirds years, man and boy.


POST BOY is typical of that ilk. Occasionally gets above himself with Bristow. Rumoured to be a nephew of Sir Reginald Chester Perry.

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Never seen and always spoken of in hushed whispers. To all employees THIS MAN IS GOD.

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