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My life-long ambition was to become the greatest racing cyclist the world has ever known and the place to achieve this was Paris, France. After failing dismally, I turned to thinking about the Future.

Since I knew nought of anything but bicycles, and anyone can draw a bicycle, I started to do just that. To my surprise and delight I found a ready market in French magazines specializing in bicycle racing. I eventually realized that this was not the way to undying fame and fortune, so I decided to expand my horizons. My lack of drawing ability led me to more words to accompany the scribbles and this led to a comic strip, Oddbod, in the Sunday Times. This in turn led to a book of short stories, What the Dickens, about men trying to do away with their wives and said wives trying to dispose of their husbands. From this little book sprang Bristow, who was soon to become a star of another comic strip cartoon.

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